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Website Administration

Your website is your online identity. I am someone who is not only tech-savvy, but also understand the nuances of web content, and have a strong knowledge of HTML fundamentals.

Strong SEO Fundamentals

Content out there must be easily searchable on major search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. Throughout my career, I have used my SEO skills to help content rank better on search engines.

Google Analytics

Need to know how your website is doing and what kind of web traffic you're getting? Want to identify which of your social media channels are sending you most traffic? I can create an analysis report on GA and present to upper management.

Digital Branding

Branding helps companies clearly standout with a unique identity. From social media campaigns to internal HR branding initiatives, I have been part of many internal and external corporate initiatives that help companies establish their own voice.

Email Marketing

Emails and newsletters are crucial outbound marketing tools in the modern business world. I have a good knowledge of email marketing best practices and security protocols (such as CASL & GDPR) and have used major newsletter design tools such as MailChimp.

Social Media Management

I have implemented social media strategies to align with business goals; generated, edited, published and shared engaging content regularly by collaborating with other teams, like marketing, sales and tech to ensure brand consistency.


Blogging on Medium is an attractive content marketing avenue for establishing thought leadership. Using my SEO & HTML skills, I have helped increase monthly views of the corporate Medium channel I manage by 338%, been rated as a featured writer in multiple categories and been constantly curated by Medium's editors - a sign of high editorial quality.


WordPress is the world's most popular Content Management System or CMS. I have created and managed many blogs and websites using this CMS where I have leveraged my understanding of HTML, SEO and technical skills to publish a variety of content including press releases, news articles, blogs and events. This website was also made using WordPress.

Social Media Marketing

Using my knowledge of major social media channels and my self-motivated yet customer-focused nature, I have successfully managed corporate accounts on prominent social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Glassdoor. Some cool moments from my career include handling live content for Olympic athletes representing India and increasing LinkedIn followers by almost 55%.

Native English Speaker

My love for English stems from my appreciation of the language, and my globalised educational background. This affords me effective communication skills that let me collaborate with teams across different geographies and domains.

Image & Video Editing

I have helped create and edit images and videos using popular media editing platforms such as Canva, and Windows Video Editor to convey key messages to important stakeholders.

Learning Management Systems

I have effectively facilitated the implementation of detailed corporate training courses on popular Learning Management System called Open Edx. To do so, I leveraged my attention to detail and my technical knowledge to ensure that course content was updated smoothly, allowing for a smooth delivery of course content for course attendees.

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